Our surfing school

Surfing school of Soul Temple in Sri Lanka is the first surfing school on an island built from the scratch considering all the important aspects of surfing learning.

We focus on the quality of teaching and the professionalism of the team. Our instructors are certified by ISA(International Surfing Association) speak both English & Russian. They have prepared hundreds of people, many of whom have become great surfers. Needless to say, our instructors are passionate riders who cannot imagine life without waves and ocean, capable make anyone of falling in love with surfing.

The school provides comfortable spaces for theoretical studies, photo-video analyses and all the necessary props for physical training, including TRX and skate half-pipe. 

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Victor got acquainted with surfing in Bali in 2011. Next were Morocco, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Since 2016, Victor is a certified instructor of ISA (International Surfing Association). He has significant experience in teaching with students of different ages. An engineering background allows him to teach surfing as detailed as possible. Victor is calm and pragmatic. Prefers shortboard.



Катя познакомилась с серфингом в 2017 году в Марокко, Помимо Шри-Ланки, серфила на Бали, в Португалии и даже на реке в Мюнхене. Катя относится к обучению серьезно, не забывая о том, чтобы все участники процесса получали фан.
В летнее время Катя является пилотом вейк-катера на одной из ведущих вейк-станций в Москве. Это позволяет ей оставаться в форме даже в офф-сизон. Предпочитает лонгборд.

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Suri was born by the ocean and surfing since 6 years. A sense of humor and a positive attitude - this is what you can expect from him at any time of the day.
Experience in teaching surfing - 5 years. Prefers classics: fish and longboard.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that Sri Lanka is a real paradise for surf lovers. The vast majority of the western and southwestern beaches of Sri Lanka allow you to enjoy riding the waves, regardless of the season of the year. But if you cannot call yourself a real professional in surfing, then you just need to sign up for the Soul Temple surf school in Sri Lanka. Only after comprehending all the intricacies of surfing, you can truly enjoy this variety of outdoor activities.

Choosing our surf school in Sri Lanka Soul Temple allows you to achieve heights in this sports discipline, regardless of the level of your initial training. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the ocean, waves and a board, our instructors will help you get comfortable and truly fall in love with the most beautiful and exciting sport on our planet. Having learned the basics, you can go on to learn basic skills with a professional instructor in our surfing school in Sri Lanka. Elementary knowledge obtained at this stage will allow you to begin to conquer the waves, gradually moving from light ridges to the most complex ones. You will learn to control your movements and make difficult decisions that allow you to confidently stand on the surf for a long time. For many, this is quite enough. But if you want to move on, our instructors will help you turn from a novice surfer into a real reef rider who will “read the ocean” like an open book.

With our surfing school Soul Temple, you can experience the true pleasure of practicing this fascinating water sport. And if earlier you could watch surfing only on TV screens, now high waves may well be under your feet. The Soul Temple school's surf spot is characterized by the optimal nature of the waves, a flat sandy bottom, and the absence of sharp stones, which avoids unnecessary injuries. We guarantee that our instructors will teach you to surf, regardless of your initial level of strength, agility and flexibility. Working with a professional mentor from our surfing school will quickly absorb the necessary skills and knowledge, moving from theory to practice as soon as possible.

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