Price list for surfing lessons

Soul Temple Surf School, located on the south coast, is equipped with all the necessary new equipment for surfing in the ocean. ISA-certified instructors will make your surfing experience safe and interesting. Each lesson lasts not less than 2 hours. 

Sri Lanka has recently become an open state and the surfer culture is located at the very beginnings of its origin. There are waves on the island both for beginners and those who already know how to ride. Our surf school has all the necessary space, experience and props so that you catch your first wave and fall in love with surfing.


*All prices to be paid by one person

Price list

Individual lessons
1 individual lesson $100
3 individual lessons $290
5 individual lessons $420
Занятия для 2 человек (сплит)
1 занятие на 2 человека $55
3 занятия на 2 человека $160
5 занятий на 2 человека $250
Групповые занятия (3-6 человек)
1 групповое занятие $45
3 групповых занятия $130
5 групповых занятий $215
For experienced
1 lesson on line up $100
3 lessons on line up $260
5 lessons on line up $370
Reef break surfing
1 lesson on a reef break spot $100
3 lessons on a reef break spot $270
5 lessons on a reef break spot $420

A few words about pricing

How much does surfing in Sri Lanka cost? It will not be possible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, since pricing is determined by a sufficiently large number of factors. But you can seriously reduce the variation in surfing prices in Sri Lanka if you know exactly what you need.

  1. Area. The cost of outdoor activities will be determined by the place you choose to surf. Each district is characterized by a certain level of living comfort, spot relief, the number of surfers coming here, the degree of danger of waves, shallow reefs, etc.
  2. Season. Sri Lanka surf prices are highly seasonally dependent. Yes, there is an opinion that this country is suitable for surfing throughout the year. But the concept of the peak season has not been canceled. For the east coast, it falls in July-August, and for the south-west - in December-January.
  3. School. This includes a large number of factors that determine the cost of surfing in Sri Lanka. This is the presence of individual / group tasks, and the opportunity to study in your native language, and children's groups, and the availability of international certificates.
  4. Flight, accommodation, food. Being interested in the question of how much surfing in Sri Lanka costs, for some reason many people lose sight of the obvious moments associated with transfer and direct living. Be sure to include them in your budget if you plan to plan a trip.

On our site you can always find the latest prices for surfing lessons in a surprisingly uninhabited country called Sri Lanka. Having looked at our price list, you will surely understand that you can afford to relax here in Soul Temple at any time convenient for you.