About the hotel

Jungle Soul Hotel is located in Mirissa, a place with phenomenally beautiful beaches, two kilometers from Soul Surf School.

Only 5 minutes walk from the hotel to the ocean, but the distance from the main road and the dense shade of the tropical jungle make it a real island of tranquility and comfort. Spacious, individually designed rooms, a relaxed atmosphere and the ability to cook your own food in the well-equipped kitchen - what else do you need to feel at home in a tropical country?

Caution: in this place you can be so chilled away that even skip surfing!

Sri Lanka is not in vain considered one of the best places for recreation, tourism and surfing. And Mirissa is a vivid confirmation of this. An amazing place with white sand, ubiquitous coconut palms and the color of the sea, evoking a feeling of complete aesthetic pleasure. Add here a relaxed atmosphere, with the opportunity to admire the unusually beautiful sunrises and sunsets daily, and you will realize that the place for our hotel with surfing was chosen just perfect.

Of course, you are going to Sri Lanka not only to relax, but also to ride a wave! But surfing 24 hours a day you still will not succeed. So, the quality of your tropical vacation will directly depend on what the surf hotel in Sri Lanka offers you. We guarantee that Soul Hotel will be able to satisfy all your needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy every minute spent in paradise on the Indian Ocean. And here you’re already involuntarily wondering what exactly to consider as a bonus: luxurious hotel conditions that provide the most high-quality and full-fledged recreational opportunities, or surfing lessons, for which you came here?

In our surf hotel in Sri Lanka, time flies unnoticed. Therefore, you do not have to count the hours until the next surfing. You will certainly find yourself occupations on interests that can be done individually or in a team. If the search for active activities does not appeal to you, you can simply settle down on the beach under the tropical sun, having a cocktail, enjoying life and absorbing the holiday energy that you will need when you return home.

Yes, many hotels with surfing in Sri Lanka are located on the ocean coast, due to their specifics. But only at Soul Hotel you can feel real care from the staff. We will do our best to ensure that each visitor retains only the warmest and most pleasant memories of our hotel. This is ensured by the high quality of service, and the thoughtfulness of interior compositions, and magnificent natural beauties, and the proximity to the school of surfing, and, of course, the complete absence of any worries that could spoil the impression of a vacation. You only need to relax and allow yourself to relax in body and soul in truly paradise conditions.