Soul Cafe

Soul kitchen includes fantastic bowls, excellent breakfasts, excellent tuna tartar, refreshing tropical fruit lemonades and desserts in case you ate and drank everything described above, and did not get enough. Who doesn’t mind quenching thirst with a cocktail, skip a glass of wine before sunset, or just drink a beer while talking about surfing in a pleasant atmosphere and sincere company - welcome to our bar.

Pasha is responsible for the kitchen. Pasha has a huge experience in preparing delicious and beautiful food. He came to us straight from the popular St. Petersburg restaurant "Clean plates". Since he began to change cooking with surfing, Pasha began to feel especially good about hungry surfers who had just returned from the ocean, and gained supernormal power at times to increase the speed of preparing an order.


In our cafe in Sri Lanka you can taste both traditional European dishes (burgers, sandwiches, eggs, French toasts) and Asian dishes that can surprise you not only with their unusual appearance, but also with the originality of their taste. A vivid example is octopuses, squids and coral fish, caught in local waters and cooked according to the best Sri Lankan recipes. The use of spicy and spicy ingredients, which can often be seen in traditional Indian cuisine, allows you to reveal the unique taste of certain products, while taking care of the sophistication of their aromatic characteristics.

Regardless of which dish you choose in our cafe in Sri Lanka, you are guaranteed to get an unforgettable culinary experience from every tasty bite. We strongly recommend trying our Soul breakfast, grilled tuna with vegetables, beef burger, and a delicious smoothie made from papaya, lime and ginger. A variety of items on the menu will allow you to spend your holidays enjoying every day different dishes from our wonderful cook. All dishes in Soul Cafe are served in an aesthetically attractive way, which is not ashamed to boast on your page on the social network.